What is 3PL Quote?


3PL Quote aims to be the most comprehensive warehousing and freight lead generation site on the internet. Our two goals at 3PL Quote are to align prospective 3PL clients with a free North American 3PL finding service, and to create a free platform for warehousing, fulfillment, and freight companies to market themselves to these clients. There are no hooks, no catches. Leads and Quotes are free and always will be. Your data is 100% secure, and we never share any information. Potential 3PL clients choose the information they share, and this information is only viewable by US & Canadian 3PL companies that register with www.3PLquote.com.

Looking for a warehousing or freight quote? Why should you use this service?

At 3PL Quote, we do not restrict the number of quotes you see. This service is, and will always be free to anyone seeking warehousing, fulfillment, and freight quotes. Once you put out a request, any warehousing or freight company within your desired area will be able to contact you. Whether you need freight forwarding, inbound/outbound air, inbound/ outbound ocean, rail (intermodal), drayage, FTL, LTL, warehousing, pick and pack, distribution, inventory management, freight management, reverse logistics, returns, or even logistics advice, you have come to the right place to get a quote. 3PL Quote takes the hassle away from searching for 3PL companies online by bringing them all to one meeting place. Get the best price and service today! Sign-up to start receiving quotes today!

Looking to generate more leads?

As a 3PL, do you struggle to find warehousing and freight leads? We understand that warehousing leads are especially time sensitive, and if you do not have a well-connected sales manager, you may not get to bid on all RFPs and RFQs. We also realise that other lead generation websites charge as much as $50 per lead, which can eat up your marketing budget very quickly. We will never charge you for leads – they will always be free. We provide you with a platform to not only connect with leads but to market yourself. When you create a company on www.3PLquote.com, you are able to create a company profile page allowing you to share a company synopsis, key service areas, a link to your website, location map, email address and phone number. We are a lead generation tool for sales managers, account executives, sales directors, owners, or whoever else may be involved in the sales cycle at your company. Stop relying on just referrals, cold calls and website enquiries - sign-up as a 3PL vendor today and receive free leads from 3PL Quote!

If you have more questions about our services, please contact support@3PLquote.com